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Reprint your USA Card Article rated 1.7/5.0
To Re-Print your USACARD, use the following steps: ==================================== 1. Go to this site https://www.gausaw.or/register and enter the e-mail address that you used to create your ac...
Purchase your USA Card from Team GA Article rated 1.8/5.0
When you purchased your card from us, an account was set up for you on the USAW site. Go to Click on the link forgot user name or password and type in the email address ...
How long does it take to see my USA Card in Article rated 1.0/5.0
It takes a little while for the 2 systems to consolidate information. Sometimes 7-10 days. Until that happens you can use the USA card that is printed on the e-ticket for the tournament that you regis...
Where can I purchase my USA Card? Article rated 1.0/5.0
USA cards can be purchased on 2 different websites. 1. 2.
Card Purchased at Article rated 1.5/5.0 Cost is $35 if new card or we do not have your card on file you will be assigned a temporary number of GAW# and the actual number will be assigned in 7-10 days and yo...
Cards Purchased at or Article not rated yet Cost is $46. ~ this process is same as last year.
Coaches Cards Article rated 1.0/5.0
Coaches cards can only be purchased from: for a cost of $45.00 You must pass a Background check every 2 years. The cost is $15. You must do this on the www.usawmember...
When to buy my USA CARD? Article rated 2.6/5.0
Technically any card purchased prior to 9-1 will expire on 8-31 of the same year. If you want a card for the next years season, you need to wait until after 9-1 to purchase your USA CARD.
Renewed card not showing up in the registration system Article rated 2.6/5.0
If you renewed your card on or then it will not have updated in the registration system as they are two different systems. It will update periodically to reflect all new ...
Signing in/Printing USA card Article not rated yet
In order to print a current copy of your USA card, you must first purchase or renew your athlete card. If you purchased your card on the Team GA Membership system for $35, then you must have an accou...

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